Unnecessary Thinking

(PS: This post has no direction or end result. Read at your own curiosity) 

I was having a light hearted conversation with one of my friends (hi cel)  the other day about our dream cars. I said " i really want a mini cooper for now, but when i get up to the age of 35, i want a range rover"

Then it kind of hit me, that one day i would be 35 years old. I can't imagine being 35.

Whenever I try and think of myself in the future I can't really see myself anywhere, or doing anything.
I've talked to a few people about what they want to do when they're older, or where they see themselves in the future, but it seems like no one really has the answer to that either. To me, in my imagination, feels like our generation has a mind block which doesn't allow us to find ourself in the future, because there is no future, and there are terrible things ahead, quite possibly the end of the world.

Quite often when i'm studying I feel like it's not really going to help me in the future (don't worry mom, i'm still going to study), because we don't know whats to come. The world might end or many things might be proven wrong and unnecessary by future technology, and so maybe right now we are just wasting our time?

When I really try to think about myself in the future, I think of myself sitting in a rocking chair, looking down at my wrinkly arm and then up outside the open window, where i can see some obvious artificial grass and an unnaturally blue sky.

The possibilities to what might happen in the future are endless but either life will go on as it is now, may be suffering a little more due to effects of global warming and stuff, or we are just wasting our time right now thinking about our future, because all this is going to end quite soon.

Global warming will definitely play a big role in the 'end of the world' but I feel like even if there was no global warming, this all has to end sometime. it cant all go on forever... can it?

it seems like what we got to experience for billions of years called 'life' was just some kind of experiment which eventually has to end, and cant go on forever, and how long even is forever?
I think of it kind of like alice in wonderland... we have been through this before and we are just going through this again, kind of thing.
Maybe there was a world before us which ended and now its our turn to end it , and it will just go on like this.

I guess there might be another world out there just like ours, and quite possibly other people like us, but the 'people' might look a bit different and they would have different technologies, but its just too far away. And no matter what, no matter how hard we try, we can never find it as it is just not reachable. It's kind of like we are not actually supposed to find it at all. 


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