01 April, 2015

Favourite lip products

Heyo! I've decide to share some of my favourite drugstore lip products...

I have linked below, after the image, of where you can find the products. Some of the products that I have mentioned, are no longer sold with the exact packaging, so I have linked them to Amazon where you can purchase them as I have shown.

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  1. Nivea, Pink Guava has to be my go-to lip colour. It is a very moisturising lip balm with a pink, glittery tint.
  2. Maybelline, Neon Rose is something I lean towards when I want more colour. The colour is a bright pink and the colour is definitely build-able. It has a lovely sweet scent to it and is also highly moisturising. 
  3. Covergirl, Sweet Tweet is an amazing product. I have mentioned it before in my 2014 favourites  and I have continued to love it this year. The product dose not have much of a colour to it, making it perfect for school. 
  4. Colett, Celebrity balm is a product just for moisturising. It has no colour to it (although the product does come in different coloured packaging, which to me makes no sense as non of them have any colour). Making it my favourite lip product to put on at nighttime. ( However, I think they have discontinued this product)
  5. Lush, Popcorn lip scrub is definitely a product I go to when I want to give my lips a little extra care. I just take some of this, and scrub it on my lips, exfoliating them. 

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