Problems with dark hair

I haven't written a blogpost in ages! But I'm back and today I decided to write a silly little post and rant about a first world problem - Having darker hair 

Even though we love dark hair, being brunette or having any sort of darker hair colour, comes with a whole set of unique struggles.

Here are just some:
  • You never got to be Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella growing up.
  • When you're outside on a sunny day, your hair soaks up the heat and becomes hotter than the sun and literally starts to smell like fire.
  • You can never go without washing your hair- grease always shows up
  • Using dry shampoo is like it just snowed on your head
  • Pastel hair or bright colour trends don't really work. To get that true colour you desire you have to kill bleach your hair first.
  • Split ends are so noticeable, it's like they're a different colour.
  • Shedding is so much more visible, even if you shed as much as anyone else.
  • Hairlines, baby hairs and sideburns are so noticeable. 

The struggle is real.

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