Haul of Mood - Zine

UPDATE (10/6/2024): You can now access a free PDF version of Haul of Mood here

My first-ever comic/ zine is here! Created over the course of 6 months, Haul of Mood is finally available for purchase. A little about it: 

Haul of Mood is a short comic/ zine that aims to vividly portray my inner
emotional world using colour, narration, and point of view. It delves
into the depths of my sentimentality and how it profoundly influences
my day-to-day life. By sharing my thoughts and interpretations of the
world, I invite readers to experience the objects and moments that
ignite strong responses within me, even if some may perceive them as
dramatic or excessive.

Haul of Mood also serves as a platform for autobiographical expression,
portraying the self as a character through which identity is constructed
and depicted. The process of creating this comic was intuitive yet
introspective, and I believe this medium is perfectly suited to convey
such an idea.

If you would like to purchase a copy, here are some details: 

There will be a showcase event held where the zine will debut

Event information: 

Wednesday, August 9th 2023
4:00pm - 6:00pm
The University of Melbourne
John Medely Building, Level 4

You can use this form to put in your order for either a PDF/ soft copy version or a pre-ordered hard copy version (which will require you to pick it up from the University of Melbourne campus at a later date): 


Alternatively, if you cannot attend the event, you can put in an order using the link below (shipping available & more suited to buyers outside of Melbourne): 

You can also find this link under my 'Shop' tab.

I am super excited to be sharing this. I've spent a lot of time creating it and I hope you love it as much as I do. Thank you for your support and kindness. 

With love, from Aastha. 

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