11 June, 2016


(only read if you want to, once again,  put yourself through a 16 year old's pointless problem with no solution or direction. Also yes, you can laugh at me and these pictures)

I've been craving to create content. Not sure if I'm creating it because I actually want to try and build up my blog and have great posts out, or because I really don't want to study for my exams, and this is my chosen form of  procrastinating. 
I spent about 20 minutes tryna take a photo that looked decent (not saying that the one I decided to put up can be considered decent, but if you go though my photo booth camera roll, I think you'll understand why I classified it that), 10 minutes trying to find an app that lets me draw on images on my mac, and then spending (more like wasting) 20 minutes drawing.
In total that about 50 minutes (great maths skillz Aastha !!1!), minus the time I took to think about what I wanted to draw, and planning out the drawings and what not.
The thing is that I will do ANYTHING to waste time. But that's nature (i say this to make myself feel better), that's how the human brain works and that's how it always has and always will (unless some future science developments can invent chips that we can attach to our brains and go on full focus mode, in that case my statement is irrelevant to future generations) 
We will do anything and everything to avoid our responsibilities and act like our responsibilities don't exist. 
If responsibility was a person, oh that person be hated and be the biggest loner, who no one would hang out with until the last minute (maybe). It would be like an annoying neighbour that you see watering their lawn when you go to collect your mail and try to avoid eye contact, so that they don't come up to you and start a conversation about the most pointless stuff. 
I don't know, am I even making sense, I'm just ranting, once again, but this is the point of my 'Think journals' I guess. 
Right now I'm avoiding studying for exams, which  know will in no way befit me. i will probably fail, not get into uni, end up working in some shitty job, making like $15 per hour and having a shitty life. see, even though I know one of the possible outcome of me not studying, I still do nothing, I still don't suddenly jump off my computer, leaving this post half finished and sit and study. 
Ugh another post, another conclusion-less ending. 
Bye, gonna 'try' and 'study' now I guess.




  1. You're not the only one who gets motivation to blog when it's exam season! I like what you've done with the pictures and image editing. What app did you use? I'd love to try it out as well!

    Also, welcome to Teenage Blogger Central! It's great to have you in the community. Have you joined our Google plus group? Looking forward to seeing you around :) have a nice day!

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment!
      I used photoshop to draw on this image :) and also I'll join the google plus group rn!

  2. This is literally me every time I have homework to do. It adds to my level of stress tbh. Haha


  3. Right now I should be studying for my psychology class, but I prefer reading blog posts written by people who also should be studying instead of blogging XD We're not alone in this XD

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

    1. Glad we're on the same page (I should be studying rn)

  4. You are clearly not the only one in this. We all have that feels. Hahaa but you did end up creating a post and hopefully you keep doing so. I just saw your blog and I actually love it. :) Hope everything went well :D

  5. LOVE it!!! <3 Those photos are amazing.

    Sophia xx
    A Lantern In Her Hand
    The Inkpot Girl