Treasure // Palindrome


X-marked treasure - home to secrets,
resides underneath.
Beginnings of mystery,
answering prayers.
Unveiling the purpose of me.

Me, of purpose?
The unveiling prayers answering mystery of beginnings
Underneath resides secrets to home
Treasure marked-X. 

* The first stanza of this poem speaks of locating answers to personal identity and purpose, which are rooted in the idea of a ‘home country’. The metaphorical treasure stands in for the lost or buried cultural practices and traditions that’ve been erased by colonisation (of India, my home country). The stanza thus speaks of locating this treasure, in order to achieve a clearer, more concrete understanding of my identity, to feel connected to my roots and to find my purpose.

The second stanza then speaks of my identity, after having located this metaphorical treasure and recognising that my purpose is indeed embedded in my culture and traditional practices. The unearthing of this treasure works to understand that my home country, similar to my understanding of my identity and purpose were never erased, simply buried. And like treasure, are valuable and rich. 

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