Not Inept

I reside in the space between 
adjusting and nomadic 

Existing within liminality
laced with transcendence 

Floating above consciousness 
yet close enough to form shadows

Each waking day I worry, 
my eyes will shut close 

Unknowing of my place in the world
loosened grip on the pen 

Enclosed and enveloped 
in wrath, at the sake of my ept. 

- a2

Mime, mine.

I cannot say what I want to say 
and that holds me back 

I cannot express all the thoughts in my head 

my mouth is bound by a clasp

I cannot scream at the top of my lungs 

spew out all the hatred from my blood 

I cannot even scribe my emotions
that’s just not how it works 

My fingertips feel as though
they’ve been hammered down  

Paralysing me 

stripping me of the only thing

That has kept me alive for all this time 

altering my identity to a mime 

I worry I cannot hold onto this any longer 

the noise within is deafening 

But the problem lies outside 

as the tape holding my mouth shut tight 

Reflects the silence 

onto the other side 

Now the only place my thoughts 

emotions and feelings reside 

Lay beside 

one other in darkness 

Never to be known 
and me, to forever be alone 


Fae Escape

All I want is to escape into a magical fairy garden land where I can bask in the sun as I let delicate stems of wildflowers tingle my palms. I crave for the days when the warmth on my cacao skin seeps deep within, reminding me of my power. The shades of green and hues of blue entangled with the subtle glistening of light reflecting off of dragonfly wings and the kisses of heavenly breeze ignites serenity that was long thought to be lost. In one singular moment, I am at peace, I am free and I am me.

Swinging Vines.      


By The Corner.      

Drenched in Serenity.      

When I Lay.      

Fae Escape Collection

Looking for an escape from the four walls of my room but with nowhere to go to -
I remember the littlest joys reside in nature.

With these five illustrations, I wanted to captivate my love for the greens that emerge from Earth and the life they provide.

I've started to believe my muse is Mother Earth.

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Notes dispersed



Hope you are well.