2014 Favourites

These are some of the things that I loved throughout 2014 :)
I am aware that it has been more than 2 weeks or so since 2014 ended, however I still decided to share my favourites from last year!

Justin Bieber perfume in 'girlfriend'

This perfume has been my absolute favourite throughout the year of 2014. The scent is very fruity and a bit florally, it is quite a summery , however I wore it all year around. I am not a fan of Justin himself and I bought the perfume totally based on the fragrance. One thing I don't really like is the packaging. The hot pink and bright purple are just not colours for me, but as i mentioned earlier, i bought the perfume because of its scent and I love it!

Covergirl lip balm in 255 or #sweet tweet

This has been one of my favourite lip products. It is quite a glossy lip balm with a slight pink shade to it. It also has a fruity scent to it, which i have no complains about. I got mine at priceline, for a reasonably cheap price. The only downside to this lip balm that i can thing of is the packaging. I'm personally not very fond of the colour combination that covergirl has chosen to cover the packaging with, but never the less, it does the job it was meant for.

'Looking for Alaska' by John green

It is quite a thought provoking book which isn't easy to put down. I personally found the first chapter quite boring, but as i kept reading, i was not at all able to put the book down. The book over all is very depressing and sad (sad enough to make me cry atleast). I really like the format of the book too.The entire first half of the novel is devoted to this type of writing in the "Before" section and the second half labelled as "After". The fact that the book was divided in such way, it made me very specious as to what was in the 'after' part, and thus i kept reading. Overall, the book is very sad with minor hints of humour, which keeps the reading enjoyable and discussable.

Body Shop hand cream in the scent 'moringa'

This hand cream  has been a lifesaver especially throughout the summer months of 2014. The cream is very moisturising and keeps my hand smooth and silky. The cream also smells exactly like a moringa flower, which i love, and i will definitely continue to use this in 2015:)

fujifilm polaroide camera (white)

I got my Polaroid camera on my 14th birthday and i was happiest person. i love taking pictures and printing them out to stick on my wall and with this camera as it prints the photo out instantly, i don't have to go to k-mart to get them printed out. I've used my camera heaps this year at school events, parties, while hanging out with friends etc. and i absolutely love it!

however the film for the camera are quite expensive and also the camera is not the easiest thing to carry around, even if it may seem like its pretty small, its not the handiest thing, but i get my use out of it anyway, so it's all good:)

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