A Brief Moment of Solitary

The last few weeks have been hectic- I've finished all my exams, graduated high school, applied for jobs and university, dyed my hair, been rebellious, adjusted to the fact that now my life revolves around how I want to play it, and isn't restricted by school or those who go there, as we all know, I had a hard time dealing with what people would think. 
A getaway was much needed. Usually the ritual is to travel at the end of the year, or the beginning of a new one, but this time the tradition had to be readjusted to a few months prior. 
My family and I took a 3- day trip down south to Preston Beach, to a very (emphasis on very) isolated place that only around 2,000 people call home. 
We stayed in a beach house that was walkable distance to the ocean. 
The fresh wind, empty beach and quality time with my family was wholesome and I'm grateful to have experienced it. 

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