carved by your hunger
learnt to fear patience

how do I trust any,
when I've been held without my right
by so many?

trembling, my skin
insulting the injured

wrote out the story for myself,
but still a surprise
with each and every step

dug deep down
to capture my heart
 it punctured my soul instead

convinced myself to
frame the pain
it’s nothing to be ashamed

fill the carving with remorse
or better,
use it for fame

I suppose it's all forgiven
if you make sure to never be forgotten

twist the thoughts
make yourself remember
the sniffle, the sobs

 you and I
along with limited days

you had convinced yourself
that nothing truly holds weight

was easy to say
but I hoped for so long,
longed for your stay

presence, touch, memories
and such
left behind the sorrow
the pain

with these cuts and carving...
all I have now are those
with whom I share these saying

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