Where she belongs

I've been quite busy recently (with school obvs) and I haven't really had time to do something i absolutely love - write. I'm a sucker for writing short stories, poems and little plays. I can spend hours and hours writing. I had some free time today so I decided to write a quick poem. 

Where she belongs 

She belongs in heaven
Her elegant sight, her beautiful mind, filled with innocence and kindness
The sea, the waves, the mountains, appreciate her existence and the way she fights
Her thoughts kept away from the world however
She speaks no more than a few words in forever
She hides in the darkness and gloomy lights
With her thoughts to herself along with all her frights
She dare not tell anyone more than they know
Or she shall be exposed to the world unknown
But what she doesn’t know is that there is no wrong or right 
and what she says will be taken on
She shall fear no more to express herself
As there are those in need of her to address
She is a pride to those eyes she will never notice
And a joy to the mind she’s never visited
Her simplicity comforts my mind
And destroys my heart to know that she was never appreciated for who she was, the way she was.


  1. ahh, this is so beautiful! i do love the last two lines. the picture matches the poem perfectly. keep it up! your blog is the cutest, by the way. x

    cia | kalop-cia.blogspot.com