11 November, 2015

Color Run Shine Tour 2K15

It's been over a week since Color Run and I'm still finding colour in my shoes, books, bag, ugh almost everywhere! But I'm not complaining, surely not after the amazing experience the event was. Is it a little sad if I say that it was probably the highlight of my year? Oh well... It was still great fun.

Basically the color run is a 5km run inspired by the Hindu festival Holi, where we run through 5 different color zones. However, not gonna lie the festival at the end of the run, in my opinion was the highlight of my day. It was just so much fun jumping and dancing around to loud music and count- downs to the colour throwing. This year I decided to go with some of my friends, which made the experience that much more fun! Here are some pictures we took... Hope you enjoy!