08 July, 2016

You should read

I enjoy reading a lot but I'm quite picky with my books, I'm not one of those people who can just pick up any book and start reading and completely indulge themselves into it. I'm one who has to read the blurb and then a few chapters of the book to conclude weather I actually like the book and am willing to give up all social interaction and commit my soul to the book. I know that sounds dramatic, but it's literally me. This makes it quite difficult for someone who quite enjoys reading to actually find material to read. Alongside year 11, I've not really found time to read many books other than what the school makes us read, which usually I don't mind, but this year's book was really tedious and not going to lie, I only read like 3 chapters of it, it's just not interesting and honestly fictional book are the only ones that interest me. I see reading as a get away and as a way to 'escape', as cheesy and pathetic as that sounds, but when someone hands me a book about real life issues and problems I kinda just have to throw myself off the cliff. I'm not ignorant, I know that we need to be informed human being of the world, especially as an up coming generation, and I'm not against people who do read those for fun, and quite frankly I have actually read books about worldly issues and 'real life' and actually quite enjoyed them, just not as much as I enjoy my fictional books. I have nothing against people who read those for fun, actually I admire them (my dad is one of these people, and he's always telling me that I should be reading those books instead of fiction), but it's just not how it works for me. I see reading as a luxury and as a form or entertainment, and what better entertainment is there than being in a 'different world' or in someone else's shoes, living a completely different life.

Here are 4 books that I have throughly enjoyed reading in the past year or so.

    An underrated book.
    Coming of age story about twin brothers with different personalities, likes and status. 
    No, it doesn't have anything to do with the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot movie or book. An annoying amount of people who I've recommended this book to have asked me that question.

  2. LOOKING FOR ALASKA by John Green A book that I actually balled my eyes out to IN SCHOOL, even after I knew the story because my friend ruined the bloody book for me (we aren't friends anymore, maybe or maybe not for this reason)
    I don't really need to say anything more about this as almost everyone has read it/ is reading it and there is an unnecessary amount of talk about this book over the internet.
  3. THE CATCHER IN THE RYE by  J. D. SalingerA classic that I had never heard about (Go ahead, judge me) but I'm more than glad I read it.
    Another coming of age story about a boy's experience after getting kicked out of school.
    It was a weird book, oddly written, but amusing.
  4. 14,000 THINGS TO BE HAPPY ABOUT by Barbara Ann KipferA book that was all over Instagram and Tumblr because of it's aesthetically pleasing front cover, don't judge a book by a cover they say...
    I tend to flick to a random page and read the list of thing there are to be happy about.
    There are things in there that I don't necessarily agree with, but it's a sweet little book thats a bit of fun ya know.

BTW listen to ALIVE by Khai it's so good. 



  1. Great post :) I’ve always been meaning to read Looking for Alaska but I guess I never got around to doing so. Honestly, I know the pain of being fussy about books. I went to WaterStones and had to choose between so many books and I wasn’t sure if I’d really like them. Currently I’ve been reading Me Before You and I intend to read some books by Giovanna Fletcher but it took me over a week to actually decide what to buy so the stress is real right now.
    kllaudiiia (My blog)

    1. Ahh you understand me. I definitely recommend Looking for Alaska, it can be a bit cliché but overall I think it's a book that everyone can enjoy. I usually tend to try out books from my local public library and that way I don't end up wasting money on books that I don't/ might not enjoy. Thank you for the comment:) ps. really like your blog x

  2. Omg I am also very picky when it comes to choosing a book to read. But I love to read because it takes me to a whole other world. :D But honestly I don't read much anymore. Although I plan to start reading again. :)

    1. Same! The amount of book I read usually has significantly dropped this year. I just don't seem to find the time anymore:/

  3. Ooh I read The Catcher in the Rye a very long time and I remember loving it ! Just like you said it was weird but also very entertaining.
    Lovely post :))

    @ "Book Addict"

  4. You made me want to read looking for alaska :) and great post btw ;)

    1. It's truly a great book! Thank you for the lovely comment:)