2016 Favourites

2016 flew by, leaving little time for contemplation and logical thinking before doing anything, but it's made this year so special. There was a lot of stuff that went down this year, but because of it I can say that has probably been my best year so far. I grew so much and I learnt so many things, from who my true friends are, to who I am, and what makes me happy. I am by no means at a conclusion to the answer about 'who I am', but I think I'm a step closer, and it's comforting. This year brought along many difficulties and obstacles, but it's what led me to becoming this person I am right now.
I'm endlessly grateful for the amazing people in my life, those who support me and want to see the best in me. I'm thankful for all the opportunities this year had brought along and also all the not-so-great things I've had to deal with that made me a more tolerant and stronger person.

Now for the favourites...

1. Body mist
I think it's safe to say that the Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Body mist has won the 'best smell award'. Honestly, I don't think I'll ever love a smell more. In my opinion it's very alike the Justin Bieber perfume (that I mentioned in my 2014 favourites) but it a lot lasts longer, and the scent is much stronger. I the have a mini size version of this, making it perfect for travelling with!

2. Headphones
I think headphones are a must on long journeys, they cancel out other noises and help you zone out. I initially wanted something really big and bulky, but after having a look at some, I settled on these Philips medium sized ones, which I'm quite glad about. 

3. Bag
I bought this before my Sydney and Canberra trip. I absolutely love the colour . It adds a nice pop to any outfit, monochromatic or not. It's very light weight and simple, great for daily use. I had heard great stuff about Crumpler, and now after experiencing their product myself, I totally agree. 

4. Dusk cactus candle
I cannot keep a plant alive to save my life, but I love the look of plants in a room and so this came along as a perfect substitute. I have yet to burn it, but I don't actually think I will. It's just too pretty to watch melt away. 

5. Denim jacket
The denim jacket was a huge trend in 2016, and became a staple in many people's wardrobes. I'm  personally quite fussy with my clothes, as I don't like them to be itchy, rough or stiff. I need clothes to be comfortable and soft and easy to move in. And this became the reason as to why I never got into wearing denim jackets, until recently. I came across this one in Rivers, and for a low price of only $20, it met all my needs, I'm very chuffed about this purchase. 

6. Model Co trio
This came in the Model co. show bag I bought last year. for the annual Perth Royal Show. I didn't really experiment with it until a few months back, but holy crap I absolutely love it! As someone who's not good with makeup and has minimal interest in it, this product really surprised me. It's basically a pigmented cream, which I think really compliments my skin tone. Out of the three colours, I tend to use the brown one the most, as an eyeshadow base, as well as the cream colour for inner corner highlight. 

7. Chi Chi Spices palette
I had an urge to try out the red eyeshadow trend that seems to be everywhere. Regardless of the fact that I have no makeup skill, I gave it a go, and ended up absolutely loving it! I think this palette, again, really complements my skin tone and the colours are highly pigmented and easy to work with making it great for a beginner! It also works very well the brown shade for the Model Co trio. 

8. Benefit Roller Lash mascara
I'm not a big fan of mascara in general as my eyelashes are really sensitive and and tend to fall off easily, but when I have a special event to attend and want to put some extra effort in, I've been reaching out for this mascara. It's unique wand does a great job of really lifting the eyelashes and proving length and volume!

I found his music through sunbeamjess' vlog channel where she often uses his music in the background. My favourite songs are- Alive and Do you go up. Pleasing my need for sad, slow music.

Parks, Squares & Allyes
One of most relaxing songs I've heard is from them. It's mostly music over lyrics and it's very comforting. I adore every single song from their album but top 3 would have to be - Carnival, Forest and Youth. I would call this type of music the most soothing one, it helps me study, sleep, relax (not in that order, thank lord)

The 100 foot Journey
A movie revolving around a family of chefs that decide to move to a foreign country to restart their business after a tragic accident in their hometown. The movie is made on a small scale production, but i think that's what helps build the magic of this heartwarming film. Definitely a movie I've watched several times and will watch more!

The Dressmaker
I remember someone talked about this movie in a youtube video and if you know me, I'm always up for movie recommendations. This movie is so unique because NOTHING is predictable. It can be quite dark at times but that's what it's all about. It made me love Kate Winslet so much more, her acting was extraordinary.

Stranger Things
Who hasn't heard of this show? I'm completely obsessed. The first season, with only 8 episodes has got me tied to my seat, wanting more. The cast is so cute and talented and the plot line is very intriguing. Set in the 90s, makes everything better. I can't wait for the new season!

Gilmore Girls
I had never heard about this show until a few weeks ago when they announced their revival. Everyone seemed to be talking about it, and so I decided to give it ago. The story revolves around a mother, Lorelai, who got pregnant in her teens, and her daughter Rory, now 16 and their unbreakable best - friend- like bond.  The show I would say is quite anticlimactic, nothing big ever happens, but I think that's why I enjoy this show so much. After many years of watching shows like teen wolf and American Horror story, it's nice to just follow a story of 2 simple girls living ordinary lives. It gives me a sense of comfort watching it.
I'm currently on season 3, which I have reached quite quickly, considering the fact that there are around 22 episodes in each season and I only started around 2/3 weeks ago (this is what holidays are for), but I still have a long way to go as there are 7 seasons + the revival season. The story seems to be getting more interesting as it goes along (boy drama).

Thank you to all my friends and family for such a wonderful year, and also to those who take the time out to read, comment and follow my blog. It makes me immensely happy to see any feedback or comment I get on my posts and it really motivates me to keep creating and keep doing what I love.
Happy wishes for 2017!


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