This is Aneesha

This is her, this is Aneesha.

Energetic, carefree and open minded are the first words that pop into my head at the sound of her name. She's the most approachable person I know, and someone who gets along with anyone and everyone. Her extraordinarily large personality can come as a shock to many who've been deceived by her innocent petit figure and shy smile. Her spirit is strong and contagious, and there is not a single second I spend with her where I'm not cheerful or lively. I've always said that one of Aneesha's best qualities is that she's a great listener. She's someone I can just sit down with and rant to, and she'll just be there to listen to it all, and so it happens that she knows me the best. In my 16 years, I've never felt more comfortable in anyone's company. Her accepting mindset makes those around her, feel secure and welcome. There aren't many people in the world like her and that is what makes her so cherishable. 
Makeup: Glorious technicolour. 

In my eyes, Aneesha can only be expressed through a range of colours. She can't be described as something singular because she posses so many qualities and aspects of personality and traits. For her look I used only the brightest of colours, really focussing on the intensity and how much they stand out as I think this is the only way I'd do Aneesha's distinctive identity some justice. The bright colours not only represent her glamour but also her individuality and eccentricity.  Aneesha, I feel is a dare devil and though this look I think that is evidently expressed.  The not-so-usual colours speak for her peculiarity and uniqueness.

As the first day to year 12 approaches, I crave to create. My desire to try out something new heightens, and I regain the confidence I had lost a few months ago. I strive to achieve my ambitions. I tackle down my insecurities and worries and eagerly reach out to those who can help me establish my goals. I've decided to start a new this series on my blog and YouTube with my friends.

Check out the video I made along the blogpost!


  1. Gorgeous Pics!!! Happy Monday!
    Xx Brandi

  2. Very beautiful pictures, she looks lovely! Energetic, carefree and approchable are very nice characteristics! Aneesha looks so cool, I am happy that you feel good in her company! Hope you have a very lovely day!

  3. This is a beautiful tribute to your friend and you expressed how you felt so well. Great use of color in the makeup application.

  4. Such a lovely look! It really suits you!

  5. Nice to read about your friend whose company makes you feel good. Very well presented.

  6. Your top is so pretty, I love it with that skirt

  7. You are so pretty! I love your outfit, girl!
    Stay in Style
    Karen @ Lookbook Store Blogspot

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