This is Celine

This is her, this is Celine.

Gloomy day, spontaneous outing and an extraordinary friend. 

There are some people you see, find interesting but never think you'd get along with. Life has a funny way to throw you into awkward situations that force you to interact. 

Year 9 maths: 
"She doesn't bite". 
However, Celine wasn't convinced, but also had no other choice but to sit next to me. We had been in each other's company only once before, then too she wasn't too keen. 
Celine an artist, me not-so-much an artist, bonded over our disinterest in maths, drawing together and making up absurd stories. 

Celine is a carefree spirit. Beautiful, talented and caring. Our friendship is something I'd refer to as a 'low maintenance'. We don't see each often, or have too many talks, but when we are in each other's presence, it's unduly natural.         

(Also, recently made another video: BYGONE DAYS)

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