Contemporary notions of this being

The thought of taking back moments and memories I had created with certain people has been hitting me a lot recently.

I mean this isn't an original or striking thought or anything, but for someone who never usually regrets the past but rather sees it as an experience or an opportunity to learn and grow and build their story on, the feeling of it is quite odd and uncomfortable.
I'm sitting in an in - between. I don't regret what has happened, but I'm not proud of it and would've been much better off without it.
My mind keeps wandering off to thoughts of "what should have been" and "why didn't I see this coming earlier" and "why didn't I do what was right for ME all this time".

It's really frustrating and makes it so difficult to move on, but knowing me I know that in the next couple of days, I'll wake up and be like "Oh what? That was easy. Why'd I take that so seriously lol".
(Update:That day was today.)
I mean anyway, in the long run I know that this will hardly matter and that eventually there will be other things on my mind and this will just be one of those things that I'll easily brush under the rug. But I'm here right now, and it would be really great if I could just wipe the slate.

Well that's one thing that has been on my mind recently.

I guess I'll share some of the other and better things too -

1. Great friendships have remained and I'm closer than ever to some of the best people in my life.

2. I have passed through yet another round of filtration from the toxicity that had resided in life in the form of humans (these are what I am most grateful).

3. Drawing and illustrating the simplest of things (I finished one about 5 minutes ago, it gives me immense joy)

4. A renewed love for English lessons.

5. Admiration for a newly discovered artist on Instagram:@meredithplayground

6. A fresh environment to focus in (it's taking me places I tell you).

7. I've also written one of my longest poems yet, but much like my other poetry, I have alternative plans for it than to publish it here (which I am so excited to act upon in the future).

8. Realising my self worth and giving myself more love.

One of my all time faves from @meredithplayground


  1. Knowing your self worth is important because it allows you to carry yourself with confidence.

  2. wow... I came across this post at the perfect time. It's so weird because I'm having the exact thoughts right now. I'm trying so hard to not regret some decisions I've made recently but it's so hard. It feels like I'm stuck and can't get out of this spiral. I can't draw the line between an experience and a mistake, but luckily I have really amazing friends that help me through everything and give me that perspective. Great post love !

    1. I'm really glad you could relate and hopefully take something out of this post! It's comforting to hear that we all go through similar emotions and experiences. I ruminated too much about what had happened and it was really difficult to move on, but just like you said, supportive people in life make everything so much easier! They are truely a blessing.
      I wish you the best with overcoming whatever you're feeling right now and just let yourself know that it will pass :)
      Thank you for your comment!

  3. i'm your biggest fan11!!!!!!!111!!!1

  4. I use to have my days if regrets, but no more cos i believe every phase in one's life is a stepping stone to better understanding and maturity.. i've not been too lucky with having goid friends cos i keep going through and letting go of friendships that are not gonna stand the test of time with me..

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