Chhah Maheene (Six Months)

January, February, March, April, May, June
Six months that haven’t passed too soon

You drifted, you grew 
You laughed, you flew 
You let yourself be 
You did as you pleased

Absence of solitude lingered on your lips 
It’s what you needed to taste 
But the keys to the tank were in his hands 
And you were locked and drowned instead

There has to be more 
This couldn’t be it
You were so sure 
What if it really is? 

It’s not what’s done that hurt
But you were left to scrape against sandpaper 
Smoothing out splinters,
Chips of his words 

Was it so easy? 
Did this have to be done? 
Sit down and ask the heart, not mind 
Was it all just for fun? 

January, February, March, April, May, June 
Six months that perhaps passed too soon

You are not weak 
You are not what they make you to be 
His ego was hurt 
Perhaps you’re still meant to be

You’re stunned by your strength 
And you know he’s hurting more 
You said what was right 
But it was his choice to let you go 

You're barely in pain
So you shouldn’t regret 
But don’t let your hopes 
Become a trap 

You know it's the attention you crave 
Not his love
You're proud of how you've been brave
Don't just give it all up

January, February, March, April, May, June 
Six months that passed too soon

You've yet to encounter this phase 
So I'll keep it brief and plain 
Regardless of whether you're still dazed 
Don't let your affair with solitude seep down the drain


My new poem Chhah Maheene (Six Months) is available in hardcopy in the 5th edition of Lot's Wife magazine! It's always surreal to see my work on paper, in print; being able to hold it in my hands. If this time last year someone had told me that my poetry would be getting published (twice!!) I would've probably told them to shut up and stop giving me false hope lol, but I'm here and I'm so grateful for these opportunities! Thank you to everyone who supports and reads my work!

(Chhah Maheene means "Six Months" in the Hindi language)

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