05 April, 2021

Made Us

histories that shape me,
emotions that make me,
aren’t we just lingering collisions of our past? 

uncovering what i envelop, unveiling a part of you,
the warmth that once rested in me, 
through time

formed you. 

i wonder, i ponder
why i’m reminded of home at your sight 

only to realise that with time,
i recognise your soul, 
as mine.

that in our past lives,
before the diamonds, the shine
you and i existed, parallel
and shared fragments that now,
reside in your eyes 

although you don’t remember,
and they’ll call me strange forever, 

knowing you’ll never encounter, 

in this life, 

i’ll wait till next time,

for you to realise

the histories that shape us, 

the emotions that make us. 

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