10 October, 2021

Fae Escape

All I want is to escape into a magical fairy garden land where I can bask in the sun as I let delicate stems of wildflowers tingle my palms. I crave for the days when the warmth on my cacao skin seeps deep within, reminding me of my power. The shades of green and hues of blue entangled with the subtle glistening of light reflecting off of dragonfly wings and the kisses of heavenly breeze ignites serenity that was long thought to be lost. In one singular moment, I am at peace, I am free and I am me.

Swinging Vines.      


By The Corner.      

Drenched in Serenity.      

When I Lay.      

Fae Escape Collection

Looking for an escape from the four walls of my room but with nowhere to go to -
I remember the littlest joys reside in nature.

With these five illustrations, I wanted to captivate my love for the greens that emerge from Earth and the life they provide.

I've started to believe my muse is Mother Earth.

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