Weekend getaway

Life had got in the way and it was all getting a bit too much at a point. But a long weekend was coming up and so my parents decided that we all needed a little break. We booked a hotel, packed our bags and set out for a 200 km drive to Margaret River. It was a great way to relax and have some time away. We visited numerous vineries, chocolate factories and cheese factories, ate delicious food and slept in as much as we wanted ( i think I restored about 3 years worth of sleep).
The town was small, quite and isolated.
Highlight: Beaches.
The weather was gloomy, but we were determined to visit at least some of the tourist attractions, and so we made our way to some famous beaches and a few other small towns nearby. The beach was extraordinary. The clouds were grey, ready to cry at any moment, the waves were high and roaring with anger, the wind was hitting our faces, all of it combined, was a piece of art.

We also visited a small town called Witchcliffe (I don't even know if you would call it a town, it consisted of like 4 shops and around 10 houses) The name cracks me up so much. All the shops there were names after witchcraft and magic, and had halloween decorations all year around - I loved it!
Overall, it was a very relaxing 3 days and it was a great getaway from school. Being in a new environment and to refresh yourself, is really what you need sometimes.